Freestylers ‎– HAPPINESS

Label: Mamas Pie
Released: 2020

1 Freestylers – Happiness (Original Mix)

Freestylers ‎– REBEL LION

Label: Mamas Pie
Released: 2018

1 Freestylers. Feat: K-OSS – Rebel Lion

Freestylers ‎– GET HIGH ON U

Label: Mamas Pie
Released: 2018

1 Freestylers & Deekline – Get High On U


Label: Jungle Cakes
Released: 2017

1 Freestylers – Jungle Champion (Original Mix)
2 Freestylers – Rage (Original Mix)

Freestylers ‎– OMG

Label: Jungle Cakes
Released: 2017

1 Freestylers & Deekline – OMG (Original Mix)

Freestylers ‎– UNREAL

Label: Mamas Pie
Released: 2017

1 Freestylers – Unreal (Original Mix)

Freestylers ‎– HYPNOTIC EYEZ

Label: Mamas Pie
Released: 2017

1 Hypnotic Eyez (Original Mix)

Freestylers ‎– Spread Love

Label: Freestylers Records
Released: 5th August 2016

1 Spread Love feat. Kytami Original Mix
2 Spread Love feat. Kytami (North Base Remix)

Freestylers ‎– Rude Bwoy EP

Label: Instant Vibes
Released: 17th July 2015

1 Rude Bwoy feat. RDX
2 Rude Bwoy feat. RDX (Deekline Remix)
3 Rude Bwoy feat. RDX (Aphrodite Remix)
4 Ready for the Clash

Freestylers ‎– Fall Down

Label: Instant Vibes
Released: 6th April 2015

1 Fall Down
2 Fall Down (Instrumental)

Freestylers ‎– Love My Bass / SkAcid

Label: Instant Vibes
Released: 2014

1 Love My Bass
2 SkAcid

Freestylers ‎– The Sound feat. Fast Eddie

Label: Black Hole
Released: 2014

1 The Sound
2 The Sound (Blapps Posse Remix)
3 The Sound (Zoo Brazil Remix)

Freestylers ‎– Falling feat. Laura Steel

Label: Black Hole
Released: 2013

1 Falling
2 Falling (Stanton Warriors Remix)
3 Falling (Deep House Remix)

Freestylers ‎– You And What Army

Label: Rub-A-Duck ‎– RAD 053
Released: 27th May 2013

1 You and What ArmyExtended Version
2 You and What Army Marcus Jakes Remix
3 You and What Army Manufactured Superstars & JQA Remix
4 You and What Army Marcus Jakes Dub Mix
5 You and What Army Extended Dub Version
6 You and What Army Radio Edit
7 You and What Army Marcus Jakes Radio Edit

Freestylers ‎– The Coming Storm

Label: Rub-A-Duck ‎– RAD 048
Released: 15th April 2013

1 The Coming Storm feat. Takura Extended Mix
2 The Coming Storm feat. Takura Ed Solo Remix
3 The Coming Storm feat. Takura Sound Avtar Remix
4 The Coming Storm feat. Takura Radio Edit

Freestylers ‎– Entertainer

Label: Jungle Cakes ‎– JC012
Released: 2012

A Entertainer (Orginal Mix)
B Entertainer (Serial Killaz Remix)

Freestylers vs. Wizard – Mount Zion

Label: Freestylers Records
Released: 2012

A Mount Zion
AA Sunblast

Freestylers Feat. Ami Carmine ‎– Over You

Label: Rub-A-Duck ‎– RAD 011
Released: 09 Jan 2012

1 Over You (Radio Edit)
2 Over You (Piyush Bhatnagar Remix)
3 Over You (Stefan K Remix)
4 Over You (Hectic Remix)

The Freestylers Feat. Joshua Steele ‎– Frozen

Label: Rub-A-Duck ‎– RAD 001
Released: 15 Aug 2011

1 Frozen (Original Mix)
2 Frozen (Cookie Monsta Remix)
3 Frozen (Radio Edit)
4 Frozen (Instrumental)

Freestylers vs. Wizard ‎– Killa Sound

Label: Ministry Of Sound ‎– MOSCD251
Released: 2011

Freestylers vs. Wizard ‎– Killa Sound

Tenor Fly Ft. Freestylers ‎– Reality Check

Label: Abood Music
Released: 2011

1 Reality Check (Radio Mix Clean Version)
2 Reality Check (Fireworkz Remix)
3 Reality Check (Explicit Mix)

The Freestylers Ft. Belle Humble ‎– Cracks (Remixes)

Label: Never Say Die ‎– NSDX005
Released: August 2010

A Cracks (Ctrl Z Remix)
AA Cracks (Flux Pavilion Remix)

Freestylers ‎– Say Yes

Label: Freestylers Records
Released: 2010

A Say Yes
AA Say Yes (Raw As F**k Remix)

Ctrl Z vs. The Freestylers ‎– Ruffneck ’09

Label: Never Say Die ‎– NSDX-001
Released: 2009

A Ruffneck ’09
AA Ruffneck ’09 (Excision & Datsik Remix)

Freestylers ‎– Past Present And Future E.P.

Label: Freestylers Records
Released: 2009

1 Cracks
2 This City
3 Bounce To This

Freestylers ‎– Push Up Word Up

Label: Data Records ‎– DATA178P1
Released: 27 Aug 2008

A1 Push Up Word Up (Club Mix)
A2 Push Up Word Up (AC Slater Remix)
B1 Push Up Word Up (Stanton Warriors Remix)
B2 Push Up Word Up (Kid Circus Remix)

Freestylers – Security

Label: Against The Grain ‎– ATG024
Released: 2007

A Security (Original)
B Security (CTRL-Z Remix)

Freestylers Featuring Bad Manner, Sirreal, Ragman And Ayak ‎– Electrified

Label: Against The Grain ‎– ATG023
Released: 2006

A1 Electrified
A2 Old Skool Fool
B Electrified (Deepcut Remix)

Freestylers Feat. Pendulum & Sirreal ‎– Painkiller

Label: Against The Grain ‎– ATG019
Released: 2006

A Painkiller
B Jump N Twist

Freestylers ‎– In Love With You

Label: Against The Grain ‎– ATG020
Released: 2006

A In Love With You
B Fast Life

Pendulum, Fresh & The Freestylers ‎– Tarantula / Fasten Your Seatbelt

Label: Breakbeat Kaos ‎– BBK009
Released: 2005

A Pendulum & Fresh Feat. $pyda & Tenor Fly – Tarantula
AA Pendulum Feat. Freestylers – Fasten Your Seatbelt

Freestylers ‎– Boom Blast

Label: Against The Grain ‎– ATG010
Released: 01 Jan 2005

A Boom Blast (Original)
B Boom Blast (Deekline & Wizard Remix)

Freestylers ‎– Push Up

Label: Against The Grain ‎– ATG009
Released: May 2004

A Push Up (Original)
B The Slammer (Clipz Remix)

Freestylers ‎– Get A Life

Label: Against The Grain ‎– ATG008
Released: 23 Feb 2004

A Get A Life
B Get A Life (Roni Size Mix)

Freestylers ‎– Now Is The Time / Blowin Ya Brainz

Label: Freskanova ‎– FNT30
Released: 2002

A Now Is The Time
B Blowin Ya Brainz

Freestylers ‎– Weekend Song

Label: Mammoth Records ‎– ED-11517-1
Released: 2002

A1 Weekend Song (The Street Mix)
A2 Weekend Song (The Street Mix Instrumental)
B1 Weekend Song (Radio Mix By Eric Kupper)
B2 Weekend Song (Radio Mix A Capella)

Freestylers ‎– Get Down Massive

Label: Freskanova ‎– FNT32
Released: Oct 2001

A Get Down Massive (Original Club Mix)
B1 Get Down Massive (Trick Or Treat Remix)
B2 Ruffneck (Trick Or Treat Remix)

Freestylers ‎– Told You So

Label: Zomba Records ‎– RTD 116.3972.0
Released: 2001

A Told You So
B Get Down Massive (LHB Mix)

Freestylers – Phenomenon One / Back To ’99

Label: White‎
Released: 30 Aug 1999

A Phenomenon One
B Back To ’99

Freestylers ‎– B-Boy Stance (Grooverider Vocal Mix) / B-Boy Stance (Grooverider Instrumental Mix)

Label: Freskanova ‎
Released: 1999

A B-Boy Stance (Grooverider Vocal Mix)
B B-Boy Stance (Grooverider Instrumental Mix)

Freestylers ‎– Don’t Stop

Label: Mammoth Records ‎– MRPR 1062-0
Released: 1999

A Don’t Stop
B Don’t Stop (Instrumental)

Freestylers ‎– Here We Go

Label: Freskanova ‎– FNT19
Released: 14 Sep 1999

A1 Here We Go (Original Mix)
B1 Here We Go (Soul Hooligan Remix)
B2 Here We Go (Plump DJs Remix)

Freestylers ‎– Ruffneck

Label: Freskanova ‎– FNT12
Released: 1998

A1 Ruffneck
B1 Spaced Invader

Freestylers Featuring Tenor Fly ‎– B-Boy Stance

Label: Freskanova ‎– FNT07
Released: 26 Jan 1998

A1 B-Boy Stance (Freestylers Revenge Mix)
A2 B-Boy Stance (Cut & Paste Remix)
B1 Check The Skillz

Freestylers ‎– B Boy Breakers

Label: Freskanova ‎– FNT01
Released: 1997

A1 C & C Music Factory* – Do You Wanna Get Funky (Freestylers Fresh Mix Up!)
A2 Freska Allstars – Beat Of The Year

Freestylers ‎– Adventures In Freestyle E.P.

Label: Freskanova ‎– FNT07
Released: 1997

A1 B-Boy Stance
B1 Feel The Panic
B2 Breaker Beats (Part Two)

Freestylers ‎– Up Rock E.P.

Label: Freskanova ‎– FNT2
Released: 16 Jun 1997

A Freestyle Noize
B1 Lower Level
B2 Breaker Beats

Freestylers ‎– Freestyle E.P.

Label: Scratch City Records ‎– SKCRT 001
Released: 23 Dec 1996

A1 Don’t Stop
A2 Drop The Boom (AK48 Mix)
B1 Drop The Boom (B-Boy Mix)
B2 Into Your Dreamworld

Freestylers ‎– CLUB TRACKS VOL.4

Label: Mamas Pie
Released: 2016

1 Freestylers – Holding On (Original Mix)
2 Freestylers – Getting It Together (Original Mix)
3 Freestylers – Whine Up (Original Mix)
4 Freestylers – King Of Kings (Original Mix)
5 Freestylers – Better Than You (Original Mix)

Freestylers ‎– The Coming Storm

Label: Rub-A-Duck
Released: 2013

Freestylers ‎– Adventures In Freestyle

Label: Against The Grain ‎– ATGCD005
Released: 2006

Freestylers ‎– Raw As F**k

Label: Against The Grain ‎– ATGCD002
Released: 2004

Freestylers ‎– Pressure Point

Label: Freskanova ‎– FNTCD6
Released: 2001

Freestylers ‎– We Rock Hard

Label: Freskanova ‎– FNTCD4
Released: 14 Jun 1998

Freestylers – A Different Story…Vol. 1

Label: SuSU ‎– SuALBCD 26
Released: 2007

Freestylers – FabricLive. 19

Label: Fabric
Released: 2004

Freestylers – Urban Theory Presents Electro Science

Label: Urban Theory ‎– URB CD 03
Released: 2000

Freestylers – FSUK2

Label: Ministry Of Sound – FSUKCD2
Released: 1998

Freestylers ‎– Rough Technique Vol. 1

Label: Freskanova ‎– FNTCD3
Released: 1998

North Base ‎– I Found You (Freestylers Remix)

Label: Audioporn
Released: 19th August 2016

Dominica ‎– Gotta Let You Go (Freestylers Club Mix)

Label: Audioporn
Released: 17th June 2016

Stanton Warriors ‎– Quepa Quepa (Freestylers Remix)

Label: Punks Music
Released: 2012

Praise Cats – Cats Groove (The Freestylers Remix)

Label: White
Released: 2006

Aquasky vs Masterblaster – Soundbwoy (The Freestylers Remix)

Label: Passenger
Released: 2005

Plump DJs – Creepshow (Freestylers Raw As F**K Remix)

Label: Finger Lickin’ Records
Released: 2004

Tali – Airport Lounge (Freestylers Remix)

Label: Full Cycle Records
Released: 2004

Deekline & Wizard – Truth Is A Lie (Freestylers Remix)

Label: Botchit & Scarper ‎– bos2045r
Released: 2004

Freq Nasty – Brooklyn To Brixton

Label: Skint Records ‎– SKINT 96P
Released: 2004

DJ Rap ‎– Spiritual Aura (Freestylers Remix)

Label: Proper Talent ‎– PT22
Released: 2001

Soul Hooligan ‎– Psychedelic Soul (Freestylers Remix)

Label: Maverick
Released: 2001

Arthur Baker ‎– Breaker’s Revenge (Freestylers Remix)

Label: Freskanova ‎– FNT18
Released: 1999

Freddie Fresh – What It Is (The Freestylers Extented Mix)

Label: Eye Q (UK) ‎– EYE UK 043
Released: 1998

Audioweb ‎– Test The Theory (Freestylers Remix)

Label: Mother Records
Released: 1998

Whodini vs. The Freestylers – (It’s All In Mr.) Magic’s Wand (Freestylers Phat Newskool Party Mix)

Label: Jive Electro ‎– JELEC 002
Released: 1998

Earl 16 ‎– Steppin’ Out (Freestylers Dubbed Out Dub)

Label: Downbeat Records ‎– SAM 3222
Released: 1998

Mad Doctor X – Real Heavy Science (Freestylers Remix)

Label: Freskanova
Released: 1998

Jungle Brothers – Because I Got It Like That (Freestylers Indett Mix)

Label: Gee Street ‎– GEE 5003596P
Released: 1998

Audioweb ‎– Policeman Skank… (The Story Of My Life) (The Freestylers Rinse Out Dub & Rinse Out Mix)

Mother Records ‎– 12 MUM 100
Released: 1998

Wubble-U ‎– Petal (The Freestylers Mixes)

Label: Indolent Records ‎– DOLE82
Released: 1997

Crustation – Purple (Freestylers Remix)

Label: Jive
Released: 1996

Outlander – The Vamp (Freestylers-Dark Money-Remix)

Label: R & S Records
Released: 1997